New You Tube Channel


I have a new you tube channel as I am struggling uploading videos on here. They will mainly be videos of the dogs and the stupid things that they do. Have a look. I only have one video on at the moment but I am going to add to it. It’s called blogofanoverthinker. The video is called lily the Puggle killing her new toy. Subscribe to it so you can see some new videos especially the puppies when they are born

Lily pregnancy – 6 weeks pregnant


We have estimated that lily is approximately 6- 7 weeks pregnant.  Apparently it is difficult to tell whether a dog is pregnant much before that.  She has enlarged teats.  She tends to get these after she has been on heat usually so that is why we were unsure that she was pregnant.  Lily’s mannerisms haven’t changed much.  She has always been quite a clingy dog and likes to spend time with us.

Dogs are typically pregnant for 9 weeks so we do not have long to go.  We are clearing out the back room, which we use as a dumping ground as a nursery for the puppies.  I am back at work on Thursday after my back operation but only working mornings so hopefully we will be around when Lily goes into labour.

We have done quite a bit of reading on the subject.  Dogs suffer from morning sickness.  Lily has had a bit of a wet mouth, I think that is maybe down to her mouth watering as she felt sick.  Other than that we have nothing to report. I will update my blog as soon as we have any more news.

Puppies – fatherhood responsibilities

I told you yesterday that Lily and Bailey are expecting puppies. I am convinced that Lily will make a great mother. She will take things in her stride as she is a tough nut.


I am worried about the father Bailey. I think he will not take to being a father very well. I think he will be a bad influence. He needs to grow up fast.


Joking aside we can’t wait and will be posting many updates on here. I will bore you with cute puppy photos if all goes well. Excited is the word

We have an announcement

B76EF3DF-2A65-443B-B57F-9DCFDC946425Bailey and Lily are expecting puppies in about 3 weeks. She had a scan today and we saw some little heart beats. The vet wasn’t allowed to tell us how many but it looked to be over 4. I will keep you updated on the pregnancy and Lily’s progress.