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Hello we are Pugglewick Candles who make beautifully crafted hand made candles, melts, air fresheners and so much more in the lovely village of Fence in Lancashire. We can also personalise products for you. All our candles and melts are made with Soy wax and are vegan friendly and not tested on animals. We have named the company after our 3 Puggles who try to help but get under our feet. Unfortunately we lost Bailey (that's him on the right) this year to cancer.

We were established in 2019 to make Christmas presents for friends and we have built up the company over the last two years and love to create and make every single product. Everything we make is made with Love.

Bailey our lovely Pug

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Our candles are hand made by me personally. You will love 'em and come back for more 🙂

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Because we don't have lots of staff to pay we can focus on giving you the best deal possible

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We accept PayPal, Klarna and Credit Cards - with AES-256 encryption. Your data is dafe with us

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