Aren’t these the most adorable Puggles ever. They might be parents soon


We are hoping very soon that we will be able to announce that lily are Bailey are expecting puppies. You might remember us getting caught out over a month ago. Lily has been putting on weight and she has enlarged teat. I am going to get an apppointment with the vet next week to have a scan to see if we can confirm this.

We will keep you posted

Are we having puppies?

937EAA0A-AEBE-4D61-AEE5-EF6A84C779AC4FEBFA1A-CA1F-472E-A12B-235745245B33Lily came on heat approximately 4 weeks ago.  Bailey is 8 months old and we thought he was too young to perform. We were intending on Lily getting spade, but time over took us and she came on heat.  Bailey proved us wrong and he mated with lily about 4 times.  We tried to stop it but unfortunately they managed to sneak off.  We are now playing the waiting game.  Is Lily pregnant?

I will keep you updated, but if she has puppies it would be rude not to keep one wouldn’t it?

After hassle with teenagers for both me and my partner,  dogs make our lives so much better and we love them dearly we laugh every day at their antics.

If you look at the picture above don’t you agree that they will be beautiful. Fingers crossed xxxx